Top 10 WWE Moments Of All Time

Top 10 WWE Moments Of All Time

Number 10, Eddie Guerrero Tribute
Eddie Guererro, again, was a huge superstar, but one whose career was tragically cut short. Born into a legendary Mexican wrestling family, Eddie Guerrero managed to maintain the storied legacy of his family. He had an illustrious and storied career throughout the 90s he was on pace to maintain throughout the 2000s before he tragically died on November 13, 2005, due to acute heart failure likely caused by his drug addictions. While he may have been a heel most of his career, meaning he was the antagonist that no one was supposed to like, The Tribute show consisted of 7 matches, including Ric Flair and many other great wrestlers.

Number 9, Fan Reaction to John Cena vs. Triple H
So, this match has been discussed as having the best fan reactions for a WWE match ever. The fans were the ones making this match into the legendary match it is known to be today. Just due to the fact that the fans were booing everything John Cena did and cheering for Triple H for everything. What made it even better is that Cena was able to overcome this, and he was able to still keep his title. Overall, this match just had that feeling, you know? Where you know that no matter who wins, something great is going to go down? Now that match was great, but we still have some more to go. Before we move on, however, we need you to absolutely smash that like button and turn post notifications on. Alright? You did it? On to the next one

Number 8, Hulk Hogan Betrayed
This one was especially amazing because of the whole backstory around it. Andre the Giant and Hulk Hogan used to be the best of friends, and no one was happier for Hogan after he won his first title than Andre himself. However, after a while, the first signs of jealousy and envy began to show. Andre was quoted as saying “Three years to be a champion. That’s a long time” showing his jealousy and foreshadowing what was to come. Then 2 weeks later, Andre was next to another wrestler, Bobby Heenan, who Hogan did not like, and challenged him for Hogan’s title. Hogan, feeling betrayed by someone he considered to be his best friend, accepted the challenge in tears. Now the match between the immovable object, Andre the giant, and the unstoppable force, Hulk Hogan, met. Hogan tried body slamming Andre, but it was half-hearted and did not work. Later, he famously ‘Hulked Up’ and got ready for the biggest slam of his life. Through applause from happy fans who had just witnessed history in the making, Hogan finished off with his patented leg drop maneuver and finished off the match that would define his astounding and prestigious career.

Number 7, D-Generation X Invaders?!?!
WWE has had to fight off a lot of rival wrestling brands, but its battle with the WCW was the craziest, as the WCW was able to take a lot of the WWE’s best fighters away for long stints. The rating battles between the two were amazing, and one time, the WWE-singed group D-Generation X decided to invade the WCW event and be a complete nuisance throughout it, yelling over microphones that the WWE was better, and the WCW couldn’t even say the WWE was playing dirty, as they had been know to dump championship belts into trash cans! D-Generation X tried even making it into the live event. Something especially hilarious was the fact that the group even asked fans about the ‘free tickets’ they must have gotten to want to actually got to WCW ‘s event rather than the WWE, and some of their WWE fellow wrestlers were also there blocking fans from getting in making the fans experience with the WCW way worse. This was also revenge for the times the WCW had released pre-taped recordings of WWE telecasts. Eventually, the WCW died out and the WWE reigned supreme, keeping the crown of the best wrestling league in the world. That’s why we are here telling you about the WWE memorable moments and not the WCW’s memorable moments.

Number 6, A Final Goodbye
A good rivalry needs two things, history, and competition. It needs history for there a reason for there to be a rivalry, and competition because if the history is one-sided, then it does not mean anything. The rivalry between Stone Cold Steve Austin, making a reappearance on our list, and Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock”, had all of these and more. They fought and feuded across many years, with Steve Austin winning some, and The Rock winning others. This rivalry also included a moment that was so good it almost made it on to our list, which was when Stone Cold Stev Austin decided to use a full tanker of beer and spray it all over the ring. There is a lot more to this rivalry than just that, but today we are talking just about the last match between the two. By the way, if you want to see us make another vid on the full rivalry, let us know down below in the comments! This match was Stone Cold’s final match, and it was fitting that he was facing off against longtime rival Dwayne Johnson, and the match that ensued was pretty good. The Rock was later quoted as saying, “I thank you so much for everything that you’ve done for me. And, I said ‘I love you.’ He said ‘I love you too.’ I hit him on the chest and I left, left him in the ring.”

Number 5, Bret Hart’s supposed-to-be Revenge Game
Now, I am sure many of you have heard of the one and only Stone Cold Steve Austin, as he was quite the famous wrestler, and did much after retirement to put him into the public eye. Now, this match was one of the matches that started cementing his legacy and turned him into a superstar in avid fan’s eyes. One of the things adding to the lore was that it actually was not even planned. Bret Hart was supposed to be having his revenge game against Shawn Michaels to get the title back, however, Michaels had a pretty bad knee injury and could not fight. So, instead of having a title match, they had Hart play against Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the rest is history. Even Chris Jericho, a wrestler himself, said this match was one of the best he had ever watched, and it only happened due to an unexpected injury. Let us know down below in the comments if you agree!

Number 4, Ultimate Warrior Vs. Hulk Hogan
Now we talked about Hulk Hogan in another one of our Top 10 Memorable moments, where he beat Andre the Giant after Andre betrayed him. But while he was very successful in his career, and was on the good side of a legendary WWE moment, he was not always winning, and this time Ultimate Warrior was able to gain the upper hand, besting him in this match. This was not the expected outcome though, as Hogan had kept the title for most of the 80s and was the complete safe bet to win. However, Ultimate Warrior, the underdog, was able to come through and win with a legendary battle. This match was very important was because it was defining the era the WWE would stay in or go to, as Ultimate Warrior represented rowdiness and rebelliousness, while Hulk Hogan was the immaculate and perfect hero. Even after the match, the moment got better as the post-match embrace between them showed mutual respect after their fight.

Number 3, Ric Flair, Finally Done
WWE is one of the most famous sporting leagues in the world, and this man Ric Flair was one of the most famous faces of it. During his career, if wrestling was being talked about, then you bet everyone there knew about Ric Flair. He was a household name, and he was very similar to LeBron James in the regard that someone could have absolutely no clue what basketball, or wrestling, is and they would still know the name of Flair or LeBron. Due to this fact, his retirement was a pretty big deal, as it was the end of an illustrious 36-year career. Could you imagine that? A 36-year career in one of the most grueling sports in the entire world? Anyways, his retirement was just as special, as he fought Shawn Michaels in his last match, beautifully orchestrated by the WWE. The fight was gritty, and he walked off with thunderous applause. “The Nature Boy” may have left the fight, but he still has the fight left in him. Do you guys think Ric Flair was the best to ever do it? Let us know down below in the comments!

Number 2, The Best Hell in a Cell Match Ever
Another era-defining match between The Undertaker and Mankind took place in 1998, just one year after the debut of the now-famous series in 1997. If it wasn’t for this brilliant match, you would not even be able to watch this series nowadays, because back then, this series was very unproven and new, and no one knew if it would last. However, this match made sure the series would not stop anytime soon. The two best parts of this match were when Mankind, also known as Mick Foley, was thrown down, once he was thrown completely off the cell and once when he was choke slammed onto the mat. Those 2 moments were the defining moments of an unbelievable match between these two Hall of Fame inductees. Any time the best WWE Moments are being debated, these two moments will always make the discussion, and that’s why we put it on our list.

Number 1, Kane’s Debut
The reason this debut was so special was because of the brilliant backstory. This story starts off with the Undertaker, another legendary wrestler who most could never even compare themselves to. However, he did not have much of a known life story until there was a huge scandal after he had a falling out with his manager, Paul Bearer. It turns out the Undertaker had burned down his parent’s funeral home and even killed them! The reason this had just been found out was that Paul Bearer had had proof of this happening, but he only let go of the information after his falling out with The Undertaker. All this proof was shown at Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell match against Shawn Michaels. Then, Paul Bearer showed up with a huge man covered in red to black from head to toe. That giant was Kane, and he was Undertaker’s half-brother. When Kane fought the Undertaker, he won ironically using Undertaker’s signature move, The Tombstone Piledriver, against him. That day, there was a legend made, and it was not the Undertaker. Kane is still a great WWE wrestler nowadays – and its all because of his amazing one of a kind debut .


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