The BEST Wireless Gaming Mice of 2021 – EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

The BEST Wireless Gaming Mice of 2021 – EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

There’s no such thing as The best Mouse we’re also going to talk about that ice element‘s Mouse Pad from glorious and how well it’s held up to all this ( Link )

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad Computer Led Mouse Mats, Soft Long Extended with 14 Lights Modes, 2 Brightness Levels. Keyboard Mouse Pads in 31.511.80.2 inches / 70 inches USB Cable Line

today we’re checking out the latest wireless performance Mouse offerings from 2021. now full disclosure of everything you’re going to see. 

respective brands but as you should know by now doesn’t influence my commentary in any way so we’re going to be looking mainly at the viper ultimate the super light the air rox 3 the model 0

wireless and on the heavier side of things the Kane 202 from Roccat now to kind of set the stage here I usually exclusively play call of duty aggressive run and gun sniper and smg I’m not the next level

a player or anything like I hasn’t been accused of hacking yet but I’ve been cussed out plenty of times I don’t camp either I’m out there in it for a size and grip reference my hand is 20.5 by 10.5 centimeters I fingertip

all of these mice since these have all been reviewed mostly already

we’re gonna talk about any standout features any specific updates we’ll get into performance stuff towards the end of the video nothing today is in any particular order but we’re gonna start with the viper ultimate because

it’s been my longest-running main it’s been a long time since my original review and it’s seen some updates since that original v1 version.

I suppose I should say as well that it’s my main for a few reasons so if any of my commentaries seems biased towards it today probably is nonetheless my only allegiance is to you guys and what works for me not any brand or logo

regardless of how handsome they might be so unique factors about the viper. it’s got optical switches these get a bad rap for being mushy and if you tried the v1 version only that’s understandable but they’ve tweaked these the new v2s like the ones

they use in the viper mini are a lot less mushy and a lot more clicky I don’t know you’re not going to confuse them with an Omron but they’re night and day versus the original and even if they feel just a touch weird

at first you get used to them fast and they’re fast as well I’ve had every version of This Mouse even unreleased prototypes and now this ridiculously nice-looking cyberpunk-themed version as well that I’m terrified to use

I love the shape of This Mouse it’s low flat similar to an FK and not too dissimilar from the modelo wireless it’s one of the few at the top that has support for lefties but I will say after doing so many hours of direct comparison.

these aren’t my favorite side buttons they feel like missing too low to the frame in comparison to some of the others particularly the super light the charging dock is also something that sets This Mouse apart it seems insignificant but when you’re done


you just drop it on the dock and walk away next time you walk up to you just pick it up it’s charged it’s good to go I have very.

very little negative to say about This Mouse my only real complaint here is that the force to depress the scroll wheel is super firm priced originally at 149.99$ you can catch this on sale for 99$.

This holiday season I’m sure they did this in response to the model of wireless pricing and everybody wins for that because at 99 bucks.

You’re getting a lot of Mouse it’s nice too that these are available literally.

everywhere you can buy electronics so in the rare instance that you do have a quality control concern you have plenty of avenues to return or exchange before we move on I just want to stress that while you’re looking at these mice today the important thing to focus on is size shape and ergonomic features that are specific to your needs, and your play style we’ve reached the point where wireless performance is all pretty much competition level and sensors are near perfect it honestly makes it pretty easy to be a Mouse

reviewer nowadays.

shout out to guys like Zai rocket jump ninja who laid the groundwork for reviews just like this back when they had to deal with stuff like dodgy sensor performance liftoff stuff.

Glorious Gaming Mouse (Model O, Matte Black)

sensor surface compatibilities we largely don’t have to deal with any of that now next up is the model o wireless from glorious because in overall shape and grip style it’s similar to the viper ultimate as they both kinds of having that FK inspired vibe ( Link )

I hold them very similar but there’s something about the grip on the viper being just that tiny bit narrower that seems to work better for me standout stuff here there’s no left-hand support and the frame has holes they also make ceramic feet for their mice if you want

to explore that.

though I don’t find anything wrong with PTFE for most use cases it does have USB-C but it’s got a proprietary connector I’m not even sure why is it seems to play and charge.

just fine with the standard USB-C regardless of orientation, but I wouldn’t risk damaging The Mouse I like the side buttons here better than I like the viper ultimate it’s reassuring to know they’re right there but they

also have a strong enough tactility that I never accidentally pressed them this is easily the best quality models we’ve seen so far it feels well built both my copies are exceptional like really top tier but I have heard low murmurings of quality control stuff both in the side buttons and that dreaded squeaky scroll wheel.

I don’t have that issue with my copies I like the scroll better here than I do on the viper and that’s something you have to consider from a consumer standpoint as well because depending on where you live in the world chances are you’re buying direct so if you do have an issue with your copy you’re going to be dealing with glorious customer service and I don’t say that to throw any shade.

I want to be very clear about that it’s just that it’s objectively less convenient than dealing with something like an amazon return on the off chance that something doesn’t go your way this came close to replacing the viper as my main question I get a lot is that now that the pricing is so similar between this and the viper ultimate with that holiday discount which one would I go with personally and we will get to that for sure when we talk about the performance conclusion got to get in a quick word.

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it now with the very tip-top of price points we have the recently released super light from Logitech I think people misunderstood the point of this mouse I think there’s this perception out there that Logitech took away.

A bunch of stuff and then charged us a lot more money I don’t think that’s fair. this is a very specific mouse for pro-level fps players. this is like a dude that’s got a nice car and he suits it up to be fast but he pulls out like the air conditioner in the passenger seat to save weight it dumps support for left-handed users which is a shame but it cut the weight

didn’t make any sacrifices to the build quality and lost the RGB which benefited both the weight and the battery life if you’re a fingertip player with high sensitivity, yes the weight is noticeable.

it’s the lightest of all the wireless options and you can tell in hand I can Fingertip this mouse with a light touch and I’ve grown to

like it that’s odd for me to say because i don’t think it’s any big secret that

I’ve never been a fan of the new shape it’s a taller egg-shaped it’s so smooth i feel like I could never find a consistent grip I’ve been able to overcome that with this mouse the move to stick with micro USB as opposed to USB-C was more a marketing blunder than a functionality concern but nothing tops the viper’s charging dock for pure convenience

on the topic of double clicks, these have new switches I’m not sure why people kept overlooking that in the review but if you’ve had double click issues with Logitech stuff before that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to have them here even GPRO wireless copies.

as new as the ghost still had the old switches but I think they’ve been making new copies with the new switches starting since the shroud version was released I like this mouse the more I use it the more I like it but that 150 dollar price point still kind of hard to swallow again if you’re gonna pull the trigger on this. it will be available everywhere so buy from somewhere with an easy return policy if it doesn’t fit the bill for you.

Logitech G PRO X Superlight Wireless Gaming Mouse – Black

if you need left-hand support or one RGB and don’t mind a heavier weight the g pro wireless remains on market at 129.99$.

next up is the air rox 3 from SteelSeries I was pretty hard on this the thing in the review it’s got the lowest in the build quality of the bunch and the strangest feat of the bunch as well I did really like the shape when I light fingertip this thing neither the frame nor the feet are an issue but oddly the more time I spend with this in comparison the less I like the shape it’s the most comfortable to me and the most consistent in terms of hitting shots when I hold it like this the trouble is it puts the front thumb button out of reach for me if I choke up on the mouse and try to hold it here.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless – Super Light Gaming Mouse – 18,000 CPI TrueMove Air Optical Sensor – Ultra-lightweight Water Resistant Design – 200 Hour Battery Life

it’s not comfortable anymore and I’m not consistent with it I just reviewed it in detail so I’m not going to dive too much into it at 100 bucks.

it’s arguably the best offering from the steel series and if you know already

you’re a fan of this style of shape. it’s a solid mouse it’s the only one on the list with universal USB-c it’s also the only mouse whose dongle is

also USB-c something to be aware of depending on your setup the weight here is lower than anything else on the list except for the super light the wireless performance the battery life all 100 solidi just don’t vibe with

this mouse i tried closing it out with a brand I had never even used until quite recently. this is the Kane 202 wireless from the rocket if the trend towards lighter and lighter mice just isn’t for you this is one to take a look at 105 grams the build quality here is, WOW, I mean it feels like I could throw.

it through a window pick it up and finish the round with it it’s a handful for real it’s got a similar length as the others but it’s easily the tallest on the list and it’s not a symmetrical shape there’s a definite fall off from right to left I love the scroll wheel here it’s a wide good tensioning force to depress is easy love the side buttons again if small side buttons aren’t for you these are very generous a little pre but no post-travel really solid triggers feel good despite it being a little older than a lot of the mice on the list the wireless performs well to me if it’s good enough for the

two times it’s probably good enough for you too so as far as performance in the game i will say that every one of these mice performed well I had played the games with each of them on the list.

I performed the best consistently with the super light and the viper ultimate and between those two, i performed consistently the best hands

down with the viper ultimate flick after flick after quick scope this is the one that delivered for me if I was using a different mouse and having a bad start to a match I could swap back to the viper and finish strong now as I said this is my main has been for a long time i know every nuance of this mouse how the glides feel how the triggers feel

the grip feels perfect because I’ve been using it for so long it’s predictable because it’s baked into my motor memory.

i play more confidently. i take risks and I’m more aggressive so, i wind up putting more points on the board there’s undoubtedly some bias here because I’ve been using this mouse for so long I know that when the viper ultimate first launched there was a lot of focus in the marketing about stuff they had done in synapse at a firmware level that supposedly made the sensor more accurate.


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