Realize the wonder and honor in return and fight! – Damoria


Build, regulate, trade – these are the difficulties of this Internet building procedure game. Erect Your Stronghold: With mining and trading, and by defeating neighboring lands, you expand your kingdom.

Assemble your mansion and lead your soldiers into battle! Discover an archaic world, where you craft your own personal city and set up your adjoining lands. You mine raw materials and assemble your house. Prepare your soldiers and provide them with weapons: send your soldiers and defeat Damoria!

Damona takes you to an archaic world: set up your own personal city, trade at the mall, and become the officer of a group of daring soldiers. At Damoria, you reign over your own personal domain! Manufacture, regulate, exchange, such are the difficulties to anticipate in this set of internet construction procedures. Archaic fights, taking place in a magical program game situation, await you here

Craft Your Fortress: Through mining, trading, and key intelligence, you can gain popularity and honor as a master of the decision – and create plans to defeat adjacent lands. Still, be sure to keep your doorman in place! The adversary never rests: protect your structures and adjoining lands from the onslaught of hostile rulers. Procedure, strategies, and courage are your ethics – so increase your abundance and become a persuasive ruler who sends his knights to defeat adjacent lands. Damona offers huge guides to play with and a whole range of structures, raw materials, and exams with speculative chemistry.

Structure coalitions with different leaders: discover the world of exchange and commerce, and face a large number of authentic players. Take yourself and your partners to the highest point of the field with frightening armed forces. Everyone Can Move started in Damoria immediately – he’s allowed to play and features an invigorating structure system in an energizing archaic world.


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