Dell XPS 13 (9300) vs XPS 13 (7390) Hands-On Comparison

Dell XPS 13 (9300) vs XPS 13 (7390) Hands-On Comparison

Hey everyone this is Anas with and I’m now at Dell’s experience center over at CES 2020.

where they just announced a couple of exciting devices and one of the first devices that we’re going to check out today is the all-new dell XPS turkey my back right here look at this is a Good mission I’m going to do a close hands-on with this machine and compare with the old one that is right beside it all right so this is the new XPS 13 2020 as you can see there’s this

Nice slim bezels on it that, I just want to own this! laptop because of this display as compared to the old one of course you still get a thick bezel down here with a dell branding but on the new one. 

You get nothing at all it is a pretty clean design so um the working average here is still the same material it’s a white glass woven cover carbon fiber material which looks great and it feels nice to rest your palm on and the front of the keyboard has kind of changed a little it is it has become slimmer and slicker and I like that font so the power button on the o1 is right here there’s one that is outside the keyboard whereas the new one has it right up on the keyboard this serves as a fingerprint reader as well it’s a pretty decent sized a power button that you definitely can’t miss it especially when you are typing you wouldn’t accidentally like just press on it like some other laptops that we have ever experienced. All right so in terms of ports, The XPS 13 2020 edition has one compromise because the 01. has three USB-c ports whereas the new one only has two due to its thickness right there you go this is the first uh USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt 3 there’s also a micro-sd card slot and on the right side, you get the second USB-C port that also supports Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone jack yep so that’s two USB-C ports for you to use so if you want to expand your ports you got to use the dongle if you want to all right another thing that I realized is that The XPS 13 2020 edition has a larger trackpad then the old one look at this is the one is much smaller let, I just give you guys a comparison can you see properties yup look at this trackpad is slightly larger so that you can perform with gestures and it has really good tracking as far as I can see that’s a cool sleek laptop, so because of its much smaller footprint. its working area has also shrunk as well as compared to the old one look at this, there’s still a slight bum over here but this one is reduced yeah, So this is The New XPS 13 2020.

it’s powered by intel’s 10-gen Iceland processor, it only weighs 2.64 pounds and 0.5 inches 0.58 interesting that’s pretty amazing all right so this is my first hands-on and first look at The Dell XPS 2020 in CES 2020 of course so um these machines should be coming soon to Malaysia soon so stay tuned for our stay tuned on our site for more updates about the all-new. Thanks


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