5 Kids Who Got Revenge On Their Bully

5 Kids Who Got Revenge On Their Bully

Number 5, Cupcakes
This one is quite hilarious, as the victim of the bullying had an ingenious plan and not raw force. So there was a girl in the tenth grade, and she was being harassed by a lot of people in her class on the daily, so she thought of a brilliant plan. Most kids would try and just bring really bad tasting, maybe even poisoned food, but this girl was thinking one step ahead. So anyway, one day she brought in some cupcakes to class and gave them to her bullies. They must have been quite stupid not to have been suspicious of this, because why would she give only them the cupcakes; anyways they still decided to eat them. That was a bad idea, as all the cupcakes tasted really horrid and nasty, and immediately they asked her why the cupcakes tasted so bad. Knowing this would happen, she seized her opportunity and told them that she had put a lot of hair and spit and sperm in the cupcakes, and it was all going to plan. However, there was a slight hiccup in the plan when one of the bullies decided to pretty much ‘cry to mommy’ as they called the police on the victim of their bullying. I’m sure the 10th-grade girl must have been quite worried after this advancement. However, her plan was actually perfect because she actually did not put hair, spit, and sperm into the cupcakes. She had actually used an especially disgusting mixture of mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, and soy sauce. Yuck! She told the police this and they obviously figured out that the cupcakes had no sperm, another example of the bullies’ stupidity. She got off clean, and I bet the bullies never dared try her again. I bet the look on the bullies’ faces when they heard that they just ate spit, hair, and sperm was priceless. Tell us down below in the comments what would happen if these people met again, at like a grocery store or something? Do you think the bullied girl would go rub her revenge in their faces? And while you comment that, also make sure your like button is blue, and let’s keep going.

Number 4, Sick(Sikh) Revenge
Here we have a bully who used to bully and beat up a Sikh boy, just because he was Sikh. The worst part about all this was that everyone would laugh along with him, with no one actually defending the Sikh kid from the constant harassment. So, one day the Sikh kid decided to fight back. In this viral video, the white kid is mocking and bullying the Sikh kid, while everyone else in the video is actually laughing. Out of nowhere, the Sikh kid dogges the bully’s punch and pins the bully down to the floor. Then, the Sikh kid beats him up for a good 25 seconds, physically venting all his frustrations onto the bully. Then when the bully was able to get up and escape, the bully’s victim chased him down all the way until the bully was on his own street. So yeah, I would say this revenge was very successful, and I bet that the bully never dared try to mock him again. No one should be beating up other people, but then again, no one should be being racist at all, because then this whole thing would have never happened, and you definitely can not say that his method does not work.

Number 3, Patience Pays Off
Most acts of revenge involve doing something back at the bully, but this victim’s strategy was to do nothing. That might seem confusing, but just keep watching, and you will understand. So, a fight instigated by the bully begins, and the bully keeps throwing punches at him, but the bullying victim does not fight back, which is strange. However, the victim is just weaving and dodging the punches. It turns out this was the smart move, as he did not get into trouble, but the bully got expelled. With the skill he was dodging with, he definitely could have beat the bully up if he wanted, but he showed patience, and it paid off.

Number 2, DVDs are Best Served Cold
This whole revenge is so crazy because it completely ruined the girl’s life after she had ruined their childhood. So there were these 2 best friends, who on a daily basis were getting bullied very terribly by a girl named Georgina. She would mock them, call them bad names, and worst of all, she would smash their heads on their desks. I mean, come on schools, you let this happen?! Anyways, one day one of the girls who was getting bullied was going to have to leave her school because their family was moving to a new house. The other girl now worried about how she would deal with Georgina all by herself with no support from anyone else. However, the friend that was moving had a master plan. They decided to film Georgina every time she did something bad to them. This was before the age of smartphones, so they had to make excuses to carry their laptops, their only cameras, with them everywhere. Then they were able to get enough video evidence of Georgina’s bullying, and then they got their friend who knew how to edit videos and burn them into DVDs to help them out. Then the day before their friend was supposed to move out, they went around and left the DVDs in the mailboxes of Georgina’s mom, the headmaster of the school, and the police. Georgina was finally expelled for her behavior, and she could not even find another school in the country that would take her, so she had to move countries as well. The two girls later made a secret Facebook profile to see how their former bully was doing. They were able to find out that she was not doing too well and that they had ruined the rest of their life, so it just shows that you should never bully others.

Number 1, A Suplex?!?!
This story is so legendary that even though it happened over a decade ago, it is still talked about a lot today. Thie victim again was another kid in 10th grade who had just had enough of his bully, but he uniquely showed his anger. So basically what was happening is that Casey had been bullied for over FOUR years, and he was constantly being mocked and harassed for his weight. One day in 2011, he was benign picked on by a bully who wanted to fight him. The bully shoved him, got a few punches off on him, but it did not look like Casey was fazed. Out of absolutely nowhere, after 4 YEARS, Casey decided to just manhandle him. He picks the bully up and throws the bully above his head; he thoroughly FLOORED him. The video went totally viral, but we, unfortunately, cannot show you. It is banned by YouTube, which is really sad because it is a nice clip. Even though both the bully and Casey were suspended after this fight, Casey went viral and pretty much was able to create his career off of the fight. Casey went on a lot of TV shows and news shows, and he even got invited to be a speaker at one of Justin Bieber’s concerts! The best revenge is to leave your bully in the dust, becoming successful while they stay where they are in terms of success. Remember to like and comment down below what you thought about these five retaliations! Which one was the best?


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