Number 10 – The Wine Gun

Any gun lover would also love to have a regular tool shaped like a gun. Once it reminds them of a gun, it works. What better to give that pleasure than a gun-shaped wine opener.

The Wine Gun is a product of WineOvation that takes wine opening to the next level. The fancy device also comes in a variety of styles to fit your preference. You can select between simulated chrome, firearm pink, black, and simulated steel.

The cordless Wine Gun will open your wine bottles in a seamless fashion in a matter of seconds. By pulling the trigger, you remove the cork from the wine bottle, and pushing the trigger forward releases the cork.

It is a rechargeable device and comes with its own charging base. You should get at least 30 uncorked bottles from a single charge. Once you are done, just place it back in its charging base that’s brilliantly shaped like a holster.

Honestly speaking, we don’t think opening a bottle of wine could get any cooler than this. It is definitely an upgrade from the traditional wine openers that can be quite strenuous to use and never let you look as cool as using a gun to pop a wine bottle open.

Number 9 – Bullet-shaped Bottle Opener

One common thing to do after just burning some adrenaline at a shooting range is to pop open a bottle of beer and get refreshed. So, why not a bottle opener that is shaped like a bullet?

These customizable .50 caliber bottle openers from Bullets2Bandages These specially crafted bottle openers are made from once fired brass casings and demilitarized projectiles.

The veteran-owned company that creates the opener allows its customers to suggest personal touches to the openers in the form of custom engravings and a variety of options for gift boxes, making it the perfect gift for a gun lover on any occasion.

If you are not sure what exactly works in terms of custom engravings, you can get any of the brand’s openers for the U.S. Marine corps, the United States Army, Navy, and the Airforce.

Gift this to a gun lover and they will remember you every single time they pop out a beer.

Number 8 – 308 Bullet Whiskey Glass

This whiskey glass makes a very bold statement with its hand-placed genuine solid copper bullet. The idea is to enjoy savoring your silky smooth spirit and look like a boss while at it.

As a plus, you do not have to be scared about the safety of this design. The bullets embedded in these glasses are specially produced to ensure that there are no safety hazards with using them. The bullets used do not contain any lead or powder residue, so you can be sure that your drink will stay as smooth as you expect it to be.

It gets even better with this already badass glass, if you would like to add your personal touch to the glass, you can have etching engraved on the body of the glass.

Being a great product is one thing, but allowing customers to add a personal touch to the item just takes the love for the product to a whole new level. Get this one and have you or your gun-loving relation giving off some James Bond vibe with every sip.

Number 7 – The Bubbly Blaster

A Bubbly Blaster is a great tool for shooting champagne at your friends.

Yea, partly covering the top of the bottle with your finger works but, it can get messy and just does not look as cool. The bubbly blaster takes everything your fingers can do and tops it up with extra precision and ease.

It lets you fire champagne at your friends like a pistol, and it is so comfortable to use that you can hold it in one hand and use your other hand to catch their hilarious reactions on camera.

What if you want to get the perfect view of your friend’s reaction? The bubbly blaster comes in different designs, one of which has a phone holder. You can simply place your phone in the phone holder and record the view directly.

The bubbly blaster is very easy to use, and if you get tired of firing your drink at someone, you can also use the bubbly blaster to cover the champagne bottle, keeping the content fresh till you are ready to get another drink from it.

Number 6 – The Elastic Precision Gun

Shifting our focus away from drinking-related gadgets, we have something that can potentially have several uses. Whether to fire at little toy soldiers, or to get your roommate off the couch, or keep your kids with their toys outside, the Elastic Precision Gun is a fantastic toy to have.

This semi-automatic rubber band precision gun is made by hand with solid hard maple and walnut wood.

It is easy to load the gun and it offers inch-perfect accuracy. This device is not just fun to use but also a design masterpiece that will provide you and your other gun-loving friends with some of your best memories.

Number 5 – Delta Six

Any young gun lover is most likely also a fan of first-person shooter games. The Delta Six is a device that turns up the fun in shooting games by a hundred and fifty percent.

As much as we love FPS with the conventional mouse and keyboard, this combats a little old after some time. Delta six is the gadget to pump back every ounce of the fun of FPS back into the games.

The idea behind this revolutionary FPS controller was to create a connection between motion control and the Hardcore First Person Shooters.

Having a controller shaped like an actual gun creates more engrossing gameplay with more controls than you could ever dream of. You get features like a realistic recoil, tap magazine to reload, IR that triggers zoom when you look down the barrel and moving the stock to trigger a melee action.

The best thing about this gun is that it works with all consoles. So, if you own an X-Box but need to play a PS4 at your friend’s place the next day, you can carry the same Delta Six controller.

This is a next-gen FPS controlling system in all its glory. Want to play Call of Duty and feel like you are right in the middle of battle? You should definitely get the Delta Six.

Number 4 – Bug A Salt

Bug A Salt is a plastic gun designed to kill soft-bodied insects by hitting them with shots of salt. The gadget makes use of granular table salt to fire non-toxic projectiles at insects.

The design of this plastic gun is to spray up to 80 discharges of salt that form a conical spread pattern, something like what a shotgun would fire.

If you have ever hoped for a day when technology would provide us with something that will make killing flies look like a cool activity, that day has come, thanks to Bug A Salt.

It is an effective way to get at the buzzing flies, it is non-toxic for your breathing, and you get the pleasure of looking like a badass while at it.

Number 3 – 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Coaster

This device brings us back to the drink-related road for gun lovers. Now, while this is not the most sophisticated or “gunny” device on this list, it is the sheer class of it that credits it to be so high up this list.

A number of the devices we have discussed so far stick to the theme of making simple things look cool, and that is exactly what this Shotgun Shell Coaster does.

This unique 12-gauge shotgun shell coaster set contains 4 coasters made from durable polyresin stone and a coaster holder. Thanks to the fact that all the coasters are hand-painted, there is plenty of attention to detail on each of them.

Not only will this piece keep beverages off your tables, but they will also look good while doing it. The aesthetically pleasing design of the coasters will fit seamlessly into your home decor.

Number 2 – CMP Dueling Tree Target

Here is one for the real gun lovers, something to shoot at? Bring it right on! Any gun lover would leap at an opportunity to have a practice dummy of their own, and the CMP tree target is a special one to have.

The CMP Tree Target is an outdoor steel target that will be a lot of fun for gun enthusiasts. It is made out of steel and is fitted with six targets arranged in the format of a tree.

This tree format makes an interesting feature for both self-challenges and competition amongst friends. Whenever one of the targets gets hit, it flips and goes to the opposite side, making it a fantastic competition gadget.

It comes with a 6-inch base that gives it enough stability to withstand hits from both pistols and rifles, and if you need to move it, the legs and central post can be taken out without needing a whole crew of handymen and heavy machinery.

Number 1 – SensGard ZEM SG-31 Hearing Protection

Guns are very loud whenever they go off, so, whenever gun lovers are at a shooting range or just firing at their personal targets, ear protection is something they will definitely need.

There are a lot of hearing protection devices of all shapes and sizes in the market. So, what makes the SensGard ZEM SG-31 fit for our number one spot?

These are lightweight, foldable, and of a uniquely small size. Most hearing protection tools tend to be very bulky, but the ZEM SG-31 is not. It’s a lot more compact and has a really good design.

Another fun part is the Sound chamber technology that is added to the gadget. This feature allows you to hear the speech of other people and still keep your ears safe from the damage of the gunshots. This way you do not have to start taking out one side of the protection in other to hear a command.

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